You Deserve The Pay That You Earned

Not every employer treats their workers fairly. If your employer did not pay you what it promised, did not pay you on time or denied you the overtime that you earned, then you may have an actionable case. To recover the pay that you deserve, work with a skilled employment law firm such as Shimoda Law Corp.

At Shimoda Law Corp., we are well versed in wage and hour disputes. Our attorneys have become exceptionally knowledgeable in this area of employment law. They understand what it takes to help you recover back wages and compensation for other damages.

We handle all issues involved in wage and hour disputes, including:

You deserve fair treatment by your employer. Contact us so that we can protect your rights and work to ensure that you recover back wages plus maximum compensation.

Personalized Attention From Attorneys Who Care

Our clients are more than just case numbers. We care about your personal struggle to attain the wages that you worked so hard to earn. The attorneys at Shimoda Law Corp. will never treat you as just a case file. You will receive individual attention, an empathetic listening ear and the utmost dedication to your current and future well-being.

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