Widespread Violation Of Employees’ Rights May Warrant A Class Action

When a legal problem affects many employees at a corporation, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate. For example, if an employer is denying appropriate meal and rest breaks for an entire facility, those employees can join together to seek justice. In this case, the employees can form a group of plaintiffs, known as a class.

Class action lawsuits are highly complicated litigation cases that require thorough preparation. At Shimoda Law Corp., we have the depth of skill and resources to effectively represent a class in California. If you and your coworkers have a legal claim, we can help you understand the best option for moving forward.

Starting Or Joining A Class Action Lawsuit

The court has a few requirements before a class of employees can sue their employer, including:

  • Class members must have suffered the same type of damage, such as receiving less than minimum wage or experiencing workplace discrimination under the employer’s policies.
  • The class must be clearly definable with specific qualities, such as people who were employed under the employer during a specific period.
  • A judge must determine that there are enough employees to form a class. Otherwise, each employee will need to pursue their individual claim separately.

Class actions for employment law typically apply to workers of large companies due to how many people need to form the class. If there are not enough people to form a class in your case, we can help you pursue individual claims for discrimination, wage and hour violations and other issues. Our firm has represented employees for over 20 years.

We Are Dedicated To Restoring Fairness

Although class action lawsuits usually take more time than an individual lawsuit, they are more efficient overall. These lawsuits can help many people reach justice at once – without the risk of getting different outcomes for each employee.

The class action process may be complicated, but Shimoda Law Corp. is ready to level the playing field against large employers and their legal teams. From collecting and analyzing data to representing you and your coworkers in court hearings, our attorneys can work toward a fair outcome.

Assess Your Options

Regardless of your line of work, you have legal rights. We can stand up for you and your coworkers or fellow job applicants in a class action lawsuit or individual case. Shimoda Law Corp. is ready to discuss your needs. Call 916-525-0716 or email us for a free phone consultation.