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Our Employment Law Firm’s 2023 Journey

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Firm News

Shimoda Law Corp employees and family attending the annual Company retreat.

As we look back on a remarkable 2023, our law firm has made great strides in growing our legal practice in both California and Utah to best serve those who have suffered employment injustices. We are honored to share with you the stand-out moments, notable victories, and our vision for the future.

Notable Employment Law Victories for the Firm & Our Clients

Dedicated to fighting for justice and equality, we are proud to have filed in federal court our first employment law case, Travis v. DentalQore, in Utah this past year. We have since filed more federal civil rights cases in Utah. This monumental milestone came in a year where we settled an impressive $7.5 million in employment cases across Utah and California, illustrating our commitment to safeguarding workplace rights.

Our team had a busy year litigating vital, landmark cases. Our victory in Pett v. Badlands Tanklines, where we represented a disabled employee wrongfully terminated, reinforced our strong stance against disability discrimination.

The pro bono representation of an employee in Eckhardt v. Everlasting Gifts saw justice prevail against corporate might thanks to our Attorney Ms. Berzin.

In the case of Gonzalez Vs General Produce a class action for wage and hour our employment law team recovered an impressive $900,000 settlement. This case is a great example of our firm’s commitment to ensuring businesses comply with wage and hour laws that protect employees.

If you believe your current or previous employer has violated your rights or committed fraud, Shimoda & Rodriguez Law, PC can help you.

Growth Within the Firm

As the legal landscape continually evolves, so does our practice. In 2022, we expanded our employment law expertise to Utah. We’ve continued to grow in the great state of Utah with more than 10 active cases to start this year and we had our first staff retreat in Utah this last year. We also are excited to add new staff with the addition of Austin Sork, a promising young law clerk who will join our Utah practice this year as a full-time associate.

We have also seen great growth in our California-focused practice with over forty active class actions in California.

Along with our commitment to enforcing employment laws, we’ve also emphasized supporting and strengthening our community. Over this last year, our attorneys contributed their time to non-profit programs, such as the Utah Employment Lawyers Association (UELA), the Center for Workers Rights, and the SCBA Diversity Hiring and Mentorship Program. Our firm dedicated over 250 hours of pro bono work in 2023.

Legislation & Areas of Focus for 2024

Our firm has had our eyes on some key court rulings including the US Supreme Court coming out in Viking River Cruises, Inc. v. Moriana, saying that PAGA actions may be arbitrated. This has generated a concern about whether PAGA actions would continue to survive.

Later in the case of Adolph v. Uber Technologies Inc., the California Supreme Court ruled that while an individual’s PAGA claim must be arbitrated, the PAGA claim relating to the collective should be tried in Court putting a twist on the Viking decision. This keeps alive PAGA claims for California employees.

Our firm is interested in seeing how this ruling will impact PAGA claims as a whole. Besides PAGA our firm sees a great opportunity to build upon our expertise and represent more clients with qui tam cases or cases that involve California Labor Code section 1102.5 (whistleblowing).

Continuing Our Success in 2024

The entire staff at Shimoda Law is excited to build upon the success we had in 2023. We are proud of the work we have done for clients and within our community. We appreciate all the recognition and positive feedback our clients provide.

We recognize that behind every employment law claim is a person grappling with significant worries about their professional career, professional reputation, and financial situation. For this reason, we are committed to offering superior representation to each of our clients.