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Know how to spot racial discrimination in the workplace

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Employment Law

Nobody should be forced to work in an environment that is unsafe or denies them equal employment opportunities as provided for under the law. Yet, the sad reality is that many Californians are subjected to workplace discrimination that threatens their wellbeing. Those who are subjected to discrimination can be passed over for a promotion, receive a reduced wage, be given worse work assignments or hours, or even be fired from their job. This can affect one’s livelihood in a very direct and unacceptable way, which is why those who wind up in this position should consider taking legal action.

Signs of racial discrimination

One of the most prevalent forms of workplace discrimination is racial discrimination. Racial harassment can take many forms. Some of it is pretty overt, such as the use of racial slurs in the workplace. In some instances, especially when management becomes involved in these racist practices, a hostile work environment can be created.

But racial discrimination, generally speaking, has broader beginnings. Here, a policy implemented by an employer that has a disparate impact on individuals of a certain race. Therefore, even a policy that may seem fine on its face, even one that’s evenly applied, can be discriminatory if it negatively impacts people of a certain race.

Stereotyping, patterns in hiring and promotion, and overly criticizing managers can all be signs of racial discrimination. In short, any employment action that is based on an individual’s race can be considered racial discrimination. This means that if you think that you’ve been subjected to racial discrimination, then you need to take a closer look at your employer’s practices and get creative in determining how race played into those decisions.

Know how to build your case

Far too many people let racial discrimination slide. They might be embarrassed to bring the issue up, or they simply minimize its importance and its effect on them. But if you’ve been subjected to discrimination of any type, then you should feel empowered to take action to right a wrong that has been thrust upon you. If you want to learn more about racial discrimination and whether you have a legal claim, then consider reaching out to a law firm like ours to discuss your situation.