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Are You Working From Home?

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Firm News

If so, you are among many who back in March of this year packed up their office supplies and headed home for what most of us believed was just going to be a few weeks.  As we all now know, those few weeks turned into months and is now coming up on close to a year. In other words, your home is now essentially the new workplace.  However, just because your home is now your workplace, this does not mean it is your responsibility, as an employee, to pay for the tools of your trade.  In fact, it is a violation of the California Labor Code for your employer to require you to do so.  Pursuant to the Labor Code, employers must reimburse employees for all expenditures or losses incurred as a direct consequence of their workplace duties.  This means that if you are required to use your own phone or computer for workplace duties you are also entitled to payment toward your phone and internet bill proportional to the time spent using these services for work.

It is also important to note here that, just as the law mandates that employers pay their employees for job related expenditures; it also protects employees who speak up about their workplace rights.  If you are being denied your right to reimbursement or have been retaliated against for speaking up about your workplace rights, such as your right to reimbursement, consider seeking experienced legal counsel so that you can better understand your legal options.