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Age discrimination more prominent among women

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Employment Law

Having an equitable workplace is the goal of employers in California and elsewhere; however, the experience by some employees falls short of that. While state and federal laws seek to address discrimination in the workplace, ageism in the workplace in still an issue. What’s worse is that some individuals experience discrimination in more than one way.

Women and age discrimination

While there is evidence that indicates employees are treated differently as they near the retirement age, a current study has found that women experience this to a greater degree. It was discovered that as soon as women show visible signs of aging, they are not only viewed at as being less attractive, but they are also seen as being less competent. Thus it is argued that aging women in the workforce face a double whammy in the workplace. They are more likely to experience sexism and ageism.

Women bearing the brunt of ageism

For many women in the workplace, they already feel undervalued when compared to their male counterpart. However, this feeling of lost value can be enhanced as a female employee ages. In a society that essentially worships the young and beautiful, older women are not only underrepresented in the workforce, but they are also less likely to be hired than an older man.

Whether it is age, gender, race or any other protected characteristic, if an employee believes that they are being subjected to discrimination, it is possible to take action. This and other employment law matters can be challenging to navigate, as it is an emotional experience. However, it is important that employees understand that they have rights and even the ability to hold the party responsible for discrimination liable for the damages suffered.